All BIGHEAD mechanical sculptures are one-of-a-kind creations and created exclusively for the client. There are no duplicates, reproductions or "lines" of similar sculptures. For more information, please read the FAQ page listed in the links below. Any sculpture appearing to have a duplicate was created for that effect using photoshop.

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Like real people, if a BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture is lost, broken or destroyed, it is gone forever (if they cannot be found or repaired). Their "ONE-OF-A-KIND" status is what makes them so special, and this trait is proudly defended by every BIGHEAD owner. Although used brilliantly by professional performers around the world, my sculptures are intended as unique works of "functional art" and should be respected as such. Any duplicates or reproductions of a BIGHEAD sculpture are strictly forbidden by law (except when limited rights have been purchased by the client, which enables them to make one "back-up" copy, thereby protecting the original)

Clients who have obtained limited rights are noted on their respective page..

Barack Obama, immortalized as a BIGHEAD.

And they said it couldn't be done.

Peanut sized daredevil, in a low-end circus.

A tobacco chewing, asian redneck.

Wisdom and wisecracks from two incredible sculptures!

Amazing movements!
Glowing eyes, expandable wings and much more.

Civil war survivor.
(180 years old)

Dual sculptures, both with full animations.

A redneck with a bugger problem.

The world is her oyster!

Removable false teeth. Pop up toupee  and emergency oxygen.

A battle-axe" of the highest order.

A caricature of a medeival master.

Muscle cramps are all part of the game.

You don't know funny until you meet this one.

An elderly knight in search of windmills.

The world is a safe now.
And you are welcome.

Threatening the worlds caffeine supply, one cup at a time.

Some incredible movements in this tiny terror.

The worlds most adorable baby dragon, still sitting in his eggshell.

Probably the strangest creation to date.

Travelling the universe,
with nothing to show for it.

A one-armed Croc hunter and the ultimate hippie..

A queazy Emperor, one step away from hurling..

An eternal magician, with elegance from the golden age of entertainment.

A Bavarian conductor, with unique abilities!

Some clients like their privacy.

A legendary rock Icon proves things get better with age.

A twist of anime for a worried BIGHEAD who can see the future.

Reported destroyed 2009

Only 50 BIGHEADS will be created for this exclusive community... As of 10/26/16 there are 48.

In 2017, I have decided to complete the last 'public' BIGHEAD #49 (#50 is destined for my personal collection). 

A caricature BIGHEAD of a marketing guru.

Real ones may be illegal to own, but a BIGHEAD version is fun to have.

An "old school biker" with a throwback philosophy.

While each piece is a unique work of art, their respective pages are presented in a light-hearted fashion, which best captures the personality. Some of the pages even contain the original concept submission which inspired the character.

An adorable one-eyed prototype with a special mechanical ability

An X-Ray creation depicting
both form and function.