Once the limbs have been attached, it is time to begin considering how the attire should be constructed.

There are no sketches or any guidelines. Everything flows together piece by piece.

Even the wrinkles are sculpted and glued into place if neccessary.

Custom tailoring of each section is painstakingly attached.

Amyriad of assorted combinations are applied until everything begins to fall into place.

The perfect attire is just as important and complex (if not more so) as the rest of the sculpture.

Where would you like to go next?

After everything has been agreed to, I begin the creation process. sing the "brief" description provided by the client, I basically wait for the inspiration of the sculpture, to tell me it is time to be born. This is both a frightening and exciting stage, because I have no idea what will happen from this point on. The following pictures and text describe the "TWO-STAGE" sculpting method. Carving out of wood is a completely different process and I may post a page dedicated to that area later.

I consider BIGHEAD mechanical sculptures to be the ultimate challenge for an artist, as it combines
intricate mechanical configurations with asthetic form and character. If you wonder how much time and labor goes into each one, you'll understand just how unique each BIGHEAD actually is.