A charity event for Police Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

This is the largest law enforcement, fully escorted motorcycle ride in Southern California, and for a VERY good cause. While we all had a wonderful time, the reason for the ride was never forgotten.

Representing the Society of Riders Riding Club.

The Peanut and I arrived at 4:30am

The raising of the flag over the start.

Two nice individuals, helping an old man to his seat.

The Ladies of the day.

With over 500 bikes attending, I assumed the position and prepared to race every one of them.

For being such a smart-ass, I assumed a different position against the original "Adam-12 Squad car used in the 1970s television series.

The turnout for such a good cause was inspiring!

Thr roar of hundreds of bikes thundering down Las Virgines Canyon was something to hear.

For the procession, the police and Sheriffs department closed off the 405, the 101 and the 10 freeways. It amplified the reason why so many rode that day.

The event ended at Paramount studios, where most of the bikes were corralled into the huge backdrop screen (used for ocean scenes, water scenes or any sort of background when filming movies)..

The back lot of Paramount Studios, where we parked our bikes in the "center of the city" (you've seen this set in thousands of films and television shows.

Photograph depicting a Robyn, flapping her wings back home.

Rollin down the city streets after the event (but all motorcycle pictures look alike, right?)

It was an honor to have been a part of such a worthwhile event.

Suffice to say... Save the knee-draggin fer the adrenilin junkies... I'm all about laid back cruisin.


Robert & Robyn

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