My intention, and biggest obstacle with "The See-Thru Man" was to intertwine the artistic vision with the mechanical qualities. I set out to create harmony and balance of both worlds, in a totally exposed fashion.


Most BIGHEADS are sealed, which means the appearance and placement of the mechanics are not as important. This particular piece required that all of the mechanical devices must enhance the aesthetic qualities of the piece. Each spring, lever and mounting point had to be placed in a fashion that developed the balance I was striving for

In the past I have tried to depict the mechanical aspect of a few sculptures by creating a portal of some sort (DNA and Sydney are two examples of this). While they remain wonderful characters, both fell short of revealing the mechanical configurations in the way I originally envisioned.

I have always believed that it is the imperfections that make my characters attractive and interesting (the same can be said for people). Each piece of brass and resin was slowly hand-twisted and interwoven to create the features of a face and provide a transparent appearance for the viewers to not only see the character, but also reveal the inner workings of a BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture.

Animations include: Moving mouth, Upper lip movement, Stickout tongue, Wiggling ears, Side-to-side/self-cetering eyes, Blinkers, Raising eyebrows, Left arm movement. 

"The See-Thru Man" is the 48th BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture in a community planned for only 50 one-of-a-kind creations.

One of the reasons for the configuration was due to the amount of previous BIGHEAD concepts being 'copied' and ripped-off. I decided to create this piece in such a way that would be virtually impossible to duplicate. I also decided to colorize the interior mechanics in order to make them "pop" (and avoid the inevitable tarnishing of brass componants).

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