Client quote:
Hi Robert... THANK YOU!!! , He was very well packaged and Dude, he LOOKS GREAT!!!

Conceived by a crazed mind in a foreign land.

Created in the depths of a darkened studio by a demented artist.

"The Guck" has arrived.

This client is a creative art collector and multi-talented musician, who lives in England. His desire to have a "FREESTYLE" mechanical sculpture of a childs doll that appeared mangled and possessed, yet somehow remains adorable and endearing, presented the perfect challenge. Incorporating subtle elements from the client, "The Guck" is a wonderful example of a character creating itself.

Cretaed using the two-stage process.
Animations include:
Moving mouth
Side to side/self centering eyes
Raising and lowering eyebrows
Upper lip sneer
Glowing red eyes
Wig & plugs
Special "mean hands"
Multiple contusions
T-shirt emblazoned with clients tattoo