ORIGINAL CHARACTER CONCEPT (submitted by client).

"A young afro american. He would have large brown eyes (but all of your characters seem to have expressive eyes), full lips with a definite smirk that shows up across the room. I can't decide on the hair,be it a natural,long and wavy or those little dreadlock braids like Coolio. Whatever you think best suits the character,you're the one that will be seeing the character come to life. He is up on the latest hip-hop and of course is trying to be cool but he is not a street hood. He usually wears black dress pants and a brightly colored vest. I leave the rest up to you and trust in your ability 100 percent... Just let it happen,man."

Animations include:
Moving mouth
Side to side/self centering eyes
Raising eyebrows
Upper lip sneer
Stickout tongue
"Coolio" style hair


This particular BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture was the VERY FIRST sold to a client, using the "two-stage" process (making this one quite heavier than later or current sculptures). Terrance also possesses the VERY FIRST "pistol grip".