Perry Sibly stands at the very edge of a seaside precipice, fully prepared to take his own life. His weakened psychological state presents a window of opportunity for a charismatic individual named Xavier to approach, and offer him an alternative to his depressive situation. Though reluctant at first, Xavier eventually succeeds at convincing Perry to abandon the life he knew, in exchange for finding out his true meaning on this earth.

He is one of several, emotionally broken individuals, who have fallen under the enchantment of the mysterious stranger, not realizing that their promised salvation comes with a very heavy price. Perry soon discovers his new path in life is running linear to a string of brutal murders, where seemingly average people suddenly launch into vicious killing rampages.

Trying to solve the murders are two detectives and a headstrong female psychologist, who encounter a mysterious religious symbol that was erased from the face of the Earth, and an ancient thirst for vengeance so strong, that over 10,000 years could not contain it.

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* Underground teachings of Tapappa, and the ressurection of the Damaclisato.