The mechanical controls were created for display purposes (museum, collection, gallery). This enables viewers to easily examine each function from casual observation. 

An adorable, one-eyed creature a unique mechanical ability.

Animations include:

Jaw and upper lip                              Eye left                                  Closing eye                                 Eye right                                   Multiple


While Sydney is a prototype, he is a finished character, thereby becoming becomes the 47th member of the exclusive BIGHEAD community. This "prototype" BIGHEAD is for sale. Click button below for more information.

During R&D I went through many variations, which were all rather simplistic and linear. While some worked, none of the configurations gave the "crouched-from-all-directions" look that I was striving for.

The answer came in the way of anchoring both high & low pivot points, in a rotational fashion, thereby allowing each limb to go above and below its point of axis. This angled the knees upward when seated, giving the crouched look.

When it came time to create the character, a spider was a little too generic and obvious, so I modified the features and "Sydney" was born.

Starting out, I had absolutely no idea of any particular character for this concept. My ambition was to create a "spider-like" prototype, that could go from a seated position and then raise in height (stand), while keeping the animations fully functional.

And being able to raise up, while operating animations, of course.

The Burmuda shorts, tennis shoes and gym socks accent his lovable nature. Originally he wore a gold medallion ("bling"), until I found a sharktooth left-over from "Croc". It seemed to fit his attitude perfectly.



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