The inspiration came while watching an old science fiction television serial. The rounded contours and art deco appearance of that world was all I needed to accept the challenge and create "Special K"

Stickout tongue                 Upper lip sneer                   Eyes right                            Eyes left                         Eyes closed                         Winker 

"Special K" is a FREESTYLE BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture, created using the two-stage process. His animations listed above also include glowing eyes and a circular chest symbol that swirls in multi colored lights.

When this client first desired to commission me to create a superhero, I was hesitant. The theme has been done a thousand times, so the challenge became to design something completely original.

I knew that this sculpture needed a unique attitude, where the hero looked the part, but was so caught up in the way he appeared, that he never really actually did anything. The fact that everyone calls him "Special"  has more to do with sarcasm, than an actual compliment.

Commissioned and privately owned by Greg Joiner.