"Never has there been a knight so nobel... So brave... So utterly confused."

Client quote:
"Oh my G-D, you nailed it!!!... I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful creation. You are a true artist."

There is a name for such an absent-minded knight... And that name is "Sir-Nility"

"Sir-Nility" is a FREESTYLE sculpture, created using the two-stage process.

Priceless expression             Mouth open                        Eyes left                   Eyes right                          Eyes closed

The concept submission was a natural. Brief and right to the point. This client desired a mechanical sculpture that bore the traits of "Don Quixote". An elderly, befuddled knight fit my style perfectly and "Sir Nility" was born.

A work of art, where even the complete suit of armor has been hand-sculpted.

Commissioned and privately owned.

"Sir Nility" embodies the intent of all my sculptures. The personality should be immediately identifiable and carry across their character simply by viewing them. With a face like his, he didn't require multiple animations. A wonderful example and a true BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture.

And he doesn't even own a windmill.