One of the most unique challenges to date resulted in the most unusual configuration. It goes without saying that when a client submitted the concept of a shrunken head, my brain went into creative overdrive. The goal was to create a character that wasn't offensive and appeared to animate on it's own while holding it in one hand.

Animations include:

Mouth, Side to side/self centering eyes, closing eyelids, upper lip movement and a stickout tongue.
 Because this sculpture has no feet to rest on, I soon realized that there was no way of setting this piece down without risking damage to the surface, so I created a special holding base for display.

I REALLY had fun during the entire creation process. Describing "Shrunken Ed" is
best accomplished by first viewing his story (which was just as much fun to create).

The movements of "Shrunken Ed" needed to be believable, so the  controls needed to be hidden. The operator can control all the animations, while appearing to simply hold onto the hair.   A multiple of different mechanical configurations were tried, before creating a design where everything is upside-down and backwards. It is a wonderful blend of
character and mechanical movement.

Client quote: 
"Awesome!!!... You can make a vision, a reality with your amazing talents... Your work is exquisite!"