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The Santa Monica Mountains

Almost any given weekend, you can find me and the Peanut exploring this terrain. It is home of the world famous "snake", which twists and winds throughout the mountains and provides passage from inland, to the coast. While the rising number of sport-bikers (aka "kneedraggers") has become a safety issue lately, there are wide open sections that one can settle back and sweep through the canyons, as if there were not another soul in the world.

Including Calabasas, Malibu, Trubuco Cayon and everything in-between.

Geared up for the cold December rides at the famous "Rock-Store" motorcycle stop.

Breaking the sound barrier with my better half, through the mountain twisties (okay, so I altered it a wee bit).

Owned by Vern and Edna, it has become a mecca for almost every type of biker enthusiest. During the summer months it provides live bands, plenty of grub and an opportunity for everyone from hard core, grey beards, to casual observers to mix and mingle.

The Rock Store is a place that seems to hold a different "motorcycle show" with every visit. One wave of bikes go out and another wave rolls in. Here you'll see virtually every make and model ever produced (and a whole lotta one-offs).

From "old school" choppers.

to V-8 Boss Hogs.

to custom choppers.

The birthplace of the "Burrito"

People ask me why I call my ride, the Burrito. First of all, I believe a nickname has to "happen" (ya just can't force it). One day some friends and me were standing around thinking of a name, when this old (and I mean reeaally old) biker walked by. He had a grey beard down to his belt and every inch of his leathers were worn and patched. He's widely known in the biker world for clocking well over a million miles on his Harley (been in all the magazines, so it's legit). Anyway, he slowly strolled up, stopped for a second to examine my bike, then looked me straight in the eyes and stated, "what'cha got there is a burrito", and then walked away.

Nuff said.

Yup, that's a purple paisly vest. It belonged to a friend of mine who passed away and it's my way of once again, sharing the roads with the memory of that person. 

Back on the road, there are plenty of places to stop off for a saddlebag lunch. Pictured here with "the Peanut".

WTF!... Yeah, it covered in fake fur (one drop of rain and its over).

And the characters are just as colorful.

Just the perfect place to stop for a beer & burger.

The contours and changing terrain always provides the mystery of what is beyond the next corner.

Solo is theraputic for me, but riding with friends is always enjoyable.

Here's the SORs at the top of Tuna canyon

Restin' at the top of the snake with the "Usual Suspects" RC.

The "Peanut n me" at Neptunes, a another popular destination for bikers out on the Pacific Coast highway.

Heading down Tuna Canyon is absolutely gorgeous (the fog is obscuring the ocean view, but you can see the twisties that take the rider on a "one-way" ride, down to PCH)... Yes, I said ONE-WAY.

Most rides end up at "The Blue Dog Pub"... Imports from all over the world and the best ribs in the valley.

When the "Blue Dog" is not an option, a "saddlebag snack" is the next best thing.