The "Burrito" all loaded up for the motorcycle camping trip to the Northern Redwoods (Humbolt region, below Eureka).

Even though it was quite cold, the Peanut was all smiles as we made our way northward.

Breakfast at one of the original "Sambos" in Santa Barbara.

Day 2 leaving Santa Cruz... So cold, my knees were banging against the gas tank.

Crossing the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. (Yes, I forgot my gloves) Brrrr.

Things began warming up midday.

The terrain began to gracefully change.

Peperoni (aka food of the Gods).

We finally reached the Redwoods.

Stress settled in when the rear wheel began making some strange noises.

The Peanut firing her air pistols at the Avenue Cafe (great food).

Stopping in Miranda for lunch.

Admittedly the noise was bothering me, but eventually the Peanut was able to asuage the frustration and we regained our fun-loving outlook. Below: The "Burrito" passing through the Drive Through Tree (insert joke here).

Riding the long road to Albee campground.

The bridge entering Albee campground..

In a few hours my sister Melinda and her husband, Chris arrived on his Road King (aka "The Fajitah"). We all set up camp and settled in for a few days to be overwhelmed by the surrounding beauty of the Redwoods.

The view looking up from our campsite.

Chris and Melinda at camp Albee. By the end of the trip, their nicknames became Sting and Spokes.

Freeze-dried food is actually quite good.

While all the brochures and literature mentioned mosquitos and ticks, not one thing told us about the SCORPIONS. Chris (Spokes) was actually leaning against a tree and was almost stung by this menacing lil guy.

"Confusion Hill" lived up to its name.

Confusion quickly set in.

Pointing the finger right back.

Posing with "Smokey the Bear"

"Confusion House" was a blast... No, the picture is not tilted (as you can see the floor is level)... Whaaaat?

Worlds tallest free-standing totem pole (not sectional).

"Confusion Hill" sign advertising ice-cream, but they didn't have any when we were there... Whaaaaaat?

I posed with a different bear.

Below: While driving through the Redwoods, I began hearing a rattle, which became progressively worse. Pulling over I discovered all of the bolts holding the top part of the engine had either come loose or had fallen off. We had to improvise, by pulling bolts from different parts of the "Burrito" and slowly driving to a hardware store for a temporary fix to the problem... Soon, we were all back on the road again.

This was supposed to make the person on the right appear taller, but it didn't have any effect on the tiny Peanut at all... Whaaaat?

The "Amigos quatros" at the drive-through tree.

The scenery and sheer scale of the Redwoods adventure was breathtaking and difficult to capture in a photograph.

A few shots of riding around on the various roads and highways.

We packed up and left Albee Campground for the Stonegate Villas, located in Leggit, where we met up with Dad and Mom. By the end of the trip, their nicknames became "Gummie-Bear" and "Yatzee".

The Stonegate was a great place to clean up and spend some quality time with family.

The owners of Stonegate were wonderful and Mike even shared his skills with making the perfect "Lemondrop" drink.

While this may look like a "photo-effect", it was actually the way the bottom of the tree was shaped.

The Peanut, Sting and Yatzee.

Sting, Gummy-Bear and 8-Ball.

Spokes and 8-Ball.

The Peanut, trying her best to rearrange
the Redwoods.

She has an adorable way of making everything look bigger just by standing next to it.

The time came to say good-bye to half of our group (great times), and hit the road again.

The terrain slowly changed as we headed southwest, for Manchester beach campground.

Of all the towns we encountered, Mendocino had a charm like no other. Definately a future destination.

Manchester Beach campground is not remote and private like Albee. In fact it is a KOA. Being such, I couldn't resist sneaking off from the others, only to storm back through camp on a pedal ATV.

I was exhausted in no time and turned the bike over to the other "kids", who took turns mowing down anything in their path... Hey, it's a KOA.

We packed up camp the next morning and headed out for a few last hours together.

We decided it would be breakfast at Arena Bay.

The bisquits and gravy at the restaurant were some of the best I have ever had.

After breakfast, our last stop was at the Arena Bay lighthouse.

The Sea Lions on the rocks below added to the scenery.

One of the last moments spent together before parting ways.

Picking up Peanuts on the beach

We all rode the wet roads Eastward to connect with the 101.

The last picture of Spokes and Sting (returning to Chris and Melinda).

The Peanut and I continued to trek southward through some incredible scenery.

We stopped in the Norwegian town of Solvang for a few days of R&R.

A roadside attraction we simply couldn't resist.

Feeding Ostriches is actually a lot of fun

The Peanut feeding some Emus.

Stopping for a beer at the Cold Spring Tavern, south of Solvang.

The Peanut cooling off before the final leg of the ride... One couldn't ask for a better co-pilot.

The ride back home (with a Peanut in the mirror).

Suffice to say... Save the knee-draggin fer the adrenilin junkies... I'm all about laid back cruisin.


Robert & Robyn

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