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Additional notes: 1) The cost of shipping and packing are not included in the above pricing structure.

2) A personal video of the construction process for #49 "may" be created and used
for later media purposes.

There are only TWO remaining BIGHEAD mechanical sculptures left (the final one will be a personal creation and not for sale), which means there is only one BIGHEAD mechanical sculptures remaining for private commission. I intend to select a submitted concept commision in 2017 to create this special BIGHEAD.

If you would like to submit a concept for consideration, understand that the approval process is extremely selective. Concepts that have the best chance of being accepted possess great characters. It is not about the complexity or adding unnecessary animations in the hopes of being approved for creation. Sometimes the best BIGHEADS have been created from the simplest of descriptions... Read the FAQ page on proper submission process.  

The final BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture (available for commission) will have a base price of 7500.00. Adding to this will be the cost of any mechanical movements desired. Please refer to the pricing chart below.  

More information on the FAQ page.