Client quote:
 "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you do it????? And her body. It's hilarious. Those lips. I cannot believe it. She is the best? I mean WWWOWWWWW. And those eyelids. I love you man!!!! All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU Beyond my wildest dreams, THANK YOU... You did a good job of placing the controls. She is A class #1" Greg

NOTE: Greg Claassen has purchased "LIMITED LICENSING RIGHTS", granting him permission to make (one) duplicate of "Pearl". Doing this not only demonstrates the respect he possesses for fellow artists, but also reflects the overall character of Mr. Claassen.

ORIGINAL CHARACTER CONCEPT (submitted by client).

"A Phyllis Diller-like, raspy voiced woman, very loud, boisterous. Overly made up, Loose lipped, speaks her mind. Dressed in very gaudy attire with big hair. Constantly cackles, loves life and men. Not overly busty as I have to maintain a very G rated show for my clients and agent."

Dressed in skin-tight, leopard print jumpsuit, she was created for world class entertainer Greg Classen.

Sculpted, using the two-stage process.

Animations include;
Side to side/self centering eyes, Crossing eyes, Blinkers, winker, raising and lowering eyebrows, upper lip sneer, stickout tongue, and a personality that only the magic of Greg Classen can provide.