While each BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture is unique, they all receive the highest degree of care while packaging and shipping.

After many years of searching, I found the most reliable and trustworthy individual with SERGIO (with Box Brothers in Los Feliz). He is the ONLY person I trust with packaging my sculptures, as he knows the unique aspects of each piece and takes many variables under consideration that most professionals would miss. Suffice to say, every BIGHEAD is in good hands with SERGIO.
Need convincing?.... Here's a video of Sergio packing a BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture.

Packaging begins with examining each BIGHEAD for its unique needs for the best protection.

Sections of styrofoam are individually cut and placed at various stress points.

After bracing, the BIGHEAD is wrapped in the first layer of bubble wrap..

Frequent measurements and close examination is conducted with every step..

Additional pieces of styrofoam are cut and placed where needed to absorb any shock.

More layers of bubble wrap, and then the piece is enclosed in layers of corrogated cardboard.

A custom box is created and braced with sections of styrofoam boarding.

The BIGHEAD is centered in the box (the styrofoam boarding can also be seen).

Styrofoam peanuts are slowly added to the container, which encase the sculpture.

Frequent manipulation of the styrofoam peanuts is needed for uniform bracing.

More styrofoam peanuts are added until the sculpture is completely enclosed.

Styrofoam panels are custom cut and installed for additional protection.

Once everything is packed the box is sealed and ready for shipment to the client.

It is important to keep in mind that the above photographs are offered only as insight on how much care and respect goes into packaging each BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture. Every sculpture is unique and therefore may be packaged in a different method, which can ensure adequate protection for its own unique aspects. Whatever the case, every sculpture is in good hands with SERGIO.

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Sergio is part of the team at Box Brothers (Loz Feliz location)


The process, step by step.