He may be politically incorrect, but beneath the tough exterior is a heart of pure gold.

Created using the "two-stage" process... Animations include:

A 100% old-school, gray-beard biker.

Above: Eyes and mottled nose forged by a life spent riding in the wind.

Right: "LUGNUT" even has a handlebar/headlight/windshield
armrest to feel comfortable as he assesses the world around him.

Mouth                     Mouth & upper lip                    Eyes left                            Upper lip                          Eyes left                       Stickout tongue                 Eyes closed


"Only a biker knows why a dog sticks its head out of the window."

Plug yer ears and cover yer eyes. This saddle-tramp makes no apologies for the way he looks, talks, acts or wears.

"Growing old is inevitable... Growing up is optional."

"Lugnut" is my personal BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture and is currently for sale. Click on link below for more information.


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