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President Barack Obamah

No, the audio track isn't supposed to be in sync with his lip movements. I just thought it was a fun clip to play.

Af ter sculpting and discarding five heads and going through  a myriad of animation decisions, I finally landed on the look and feel I was going for. Simpler is definitely better with such a personality as the exaggerated features tell the whole story. Created using the "two-stage" process, this sculpture has moving lower lip (similar to European figures), moving upper lip, side to side/self-centering eyes and blinkers.

President Barack Obama presents the perfect opportunity to create a "Freestyle" caricature BIGHEAD. While he places emphasis on his message, this mechanical sculpture places emphasis on his features.

HOPE....... CHANGE....... YES, WE CAN.

Eyes right                            Front view                               Closed eyes                    Upper and lower lips                   Eyes left

His shirt and tie are all sculpted, and they are covered by a custom fitted blue suit. His shoes possess gold leaf tags and his hands have been sculpted to be both relaxed and fit in a handshake.

The back is trimmed in heavy leather for extra durability. The stick controls are laid out in an easy to reach arrangement with a lock for security.  The interior is lined with bright blue felt.

A President worthy of BIGHEAD proportions.

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Sold to a private collector.