I am of the belief that a motorcycle is an extension of the owners personality. Suffice to say I am an artist, and my scoot makes a pretty good canvas (or business card).



No "limited editions" or "pre-molded" add-ons... I incorporate 3-Dimensional aspects to ordinary design configurations, to make it a truly personalized bike. My interest is in going beyond conventional limitations by making the graphics emerge or burst through, from the surface itself.

I guess the most important thing to know about my art, is that I am "unconventional". I don't use the regular tools, cookie-cutter stamps or molds. Everything is free-hand, which allows my hand to follow where the piece takes me. I believe it is the "imperfections" that make things interesting. Some art is so beautiful, and so perfect, that it becomes almost commercial looking (factory made). I am interested in the uneven roughess of a freehand approach... That's just how I roll.



There are so many incredible leather-workers out there, that I don't even try to compete with conventional designs. My work is all freestyle and I integrate hand-made sculptures (3-D), into the leather pattern. This combination of each creates an extremely unique and memorable impact.

LEFT: A fender bra, with sculpted eagles head, a double eagle badge with star and a single silver star concho. 

The video at right, gives some insight on the creation of a set of leather/sculpture saddlebag covers. The design is intentionally irregular to give it more of a "freehand" feel. The leather imprint is slowly carved by repeated hammering of a sharpened tip of a phillips screwdriver. The video shows the pieces during each phase. Carving the leather, painting (dyes), sculpting, mixed media integration and sealing.


Below: A sculpted fender, with exagerated skull features. Gloss black and accented with front and rear chrome tips.

Below: Same fender, with hand sculpted scorpion and spider in metallic blue. The result was a functional piece of art that mixes gothic elements from the biker world, with the elegance and asthetic lines of a stand-alone piece of art.


Making two dimensional illustrations come to life is both dynamic and very eye-catching. Pictured right is an eagle sculpted to appear as though it were tearing through the plastic shell of my saddlebags. While most motorcyles have airbrushed designs, they have become quite common and only receive an occasional glance. Having it burst through the surface makes the whole graphic concept very personalized, and immediately memorable.


Below: A "Hawg" fender sculpture, which is created to be used for special occasions, or when someone wants to be the center of attention. This particular sculpture enhances the nostalgic flow of the bike, while the cartoony aspect captures the personality of the rider.


I am always looking for ways to personalize a bike to its owner... One thing is for certain, and that is that bikers covet their tattoos and each one reflects not only a personal story, but also reveals a portion of who they are as an individual. Creating a three dimensional rendition (relief or fully sculpted) of an individuals tattoo, identifies the owner to their ride in a way that nothing else can.  Suffice to say this application certainly leaves little doubt who the scoot belongs to. Below are two helmet designs that are sculpted versions of either a sticker or an illustration.

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Below is a picture of a "bug mask" that I made for the colder rides (my large probuscus tends to get the brunt of such weather). Works wonderful and keeps my face nice and warm with a built-in heating element... This is just a prototype, which is why I chose to have some fun with the design. I will post better pictures soon.

RIGHT: A tank panel depicting a tribal design, accented by a sculpted longhorn skull and star concho. The white areas on both leather pieces are actually white leather inlays.

If you have an idea, or concept that you would like to commission, contact me via the email link below. Prices fluctuate depending on complexity, time frame and labor involved (shipping and packing is not included). Terms are 1/2 of the deposit up front, with balance to be made upon completion of project. Cost is usually lower if the project is "freestyle" (meaning no one knows what it will look like until it is finished, as the client only provides the theme and leaves the rest up to me), or if the project follows parameters such as a drawing, specific patterns or taken from a photograph.