Suffice to say... Save the knee-draggin fer the adrenilin junkies... I'm all about laid back cruisin.


Robert & Robyn

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Above: Soaking in Decembers sun, in preperation for the "TOYS FOR TOTS" charity ride.

The best accessory for my bike, is the one standing behind it.

As always, ride safe, keep the rubber side down, and always remember that the most important word in the bikers handbook is "respect. 

Group shot of a few SORC during a Bouquet Canyon run.

A few SORC at the Sagebrush canteena, after a run).

Riding with the
"Usual Suspects" RC.

Gil finally proves that he is faster than Naveen, even with me on his back.

Looking for the "chip on my shoulder.

So THAT'S what we look like from behind.

I guess Miguel figured it was my turn to be Gil.

Paul and Achi, at Point Magu

Mulling around for a cold Feburary ride.

How come my wife always looks so pretty in every picture, and I come across like a gloob?

Here's the 405 actually moving.

It's a Peanut on a Burrito.

A few of the SORs at the Griffith Observatory.

Doing the "Shawshank Redemption" pose at the Observatory.

There is not a better way to spend a weekend, than canyon carving with the Peanut on the Burrito.

Throwin down a lil' James Dean before a Crazy Ottos run.

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Picture from the top of the Snake, but it's difficult to make out.

Summertime get-togethers in the park are a great way to beat the heat in Southern California.

A very rare event, captured on film.... Me on a sportster.... Okay, I love the bike, but still prefer my Burrito.

Best front row seat to an
ocean view ya can get.

Riding kinda "lifts my spirits"

Prepping for a trip up north with the "usual suspects".

Top of the mountains. In the background, a thick cloud bank moving in. The road took us right under, and it formed a perfectly round tube, over the road, as if an enormous waterfall roared directly overhead.

Over the years I have developed an eating disorder, when it comes to cotton candy..

Blue Oyster Cult gave a concert in the park during summer and we staked out the best location for the evening.

Then again, there's nothing like rolling thunder in the desert heat.

Resting roadside up in Big Bear. Some of the most beautiful views California has to offer.

Look, I found a brand new location for my highway pegs!

Catching a rest during a ride in the mountains.

Trying to smile with gas prices surging above 4 bucks a gal.

The effects of wine when in the mountains above Malibu... Kidding.

Stopping for wine tasting at a Malibu vinyard.

Nary a sole in sight, with a wide open road for me and the Peanut on the Burrito.

Resting at the country store in the mountains. Homebase for the West Coast Weasles (a great bunch of riders).

The best roads are usually in the middle of nowhere.

Here's the readers digest version of a ride up to the "Rock Store" in the Santa Monica mountains.

Ride safe and keep yer mug in the wind.


Here's a video of a trip we called the "Pulled pork" ride, up to the "Deer Lodge" in Ojai.

Included is an amazing demonstration of "caucasion rhythm".


This was my last official ride with the SORs before I left the group. They were a great bunch and gave us some fun memories.

Unfortunately, they had a bad apple in the group that ruined it for us.

Just to demonstrate that all rides don't go as planned, here's what happens when Murpys law strikes.

It's all in good fun, and bustin chops is half the adventure.


Did I mention "bustin chops"?... If one wants to ride on ahead, it helps to know where everyone else is going.

I used a few inside jokes as a good excuse to show some scenery.


Flying in from all points, North, East, South and West.


Here's a ride from the "Rock Store", through the canyons and down to the Pacific Coast Highway with a few of the Usual Suspects.

The Yorba Buena road rating was using the 1-10 scale.


I guess I was a little tired the day the space shuttle Endeavor rolled through.

As long as I have a front fender to follow.... I'm never lost.

A few quick, misc. videos.

An after dinner hot dog in the heart of the city.