Commissioned and owned by Jimmy Vee.


It was only a matter of time before "Gravitational Marketing" co-founder and motivational personality Jimmy Vee spawned a caricature called "Mini Vee". Jimmy possesses a dynamic, real life persona that is perfect for such a mischievous alter ego, proving once and for all that great things come in the smallest of packages.

"Mini Vee" taught me a valuable art lesson, as Jimmy is already a caricature (in the best sense of the word). Creating the usual "stretched out and twisted" caricature would have been a distraction (if not grotesque to some). The key was to simplfy the features and compliment the energetic personality of Jimmy. 

Jimmy Vee really is one of those rare personalities, who can make a positive out of any negative. Turning his own height into a profitable marketing career takes persistance and incredible ambition. Of course, the brains behind the whole operation can now be revealed as the diminutive version
known as "Mini Vee".

Animations include:

Mouth, Side to side/self centering eyes, closing eyelids, and upper lip movement. His custom suit was created to match Jimmys "Gravitational Marketing" attire, but is able to class up any affair.

While pictures can indeed say a thousand words, a video can say much more. Take a look and see "Mini Vee" impersonate Jimmy.

Client quote:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!... It is so much fun creating a character with you.
Your magic is brilliant!"