I have always held a deep respect and endless fascination with the more bizarre methods that are practiced by eccentric individuals. After all, it was unorthodox methods that finally worked for me. I could write a book about the bizarre encounters I have experienced, but will limit my descriptions to two memorable experiments:
DEEP TISSUE ELECTRONIC STIMULATION: (Not to be confused with ordinary EMS). This is where long, thin needles were inserted deep into the muscle belly, through which strong electric shocks were delivered.

MUSCULAR REDISTRIBUTION: This is an old oriental technique that claims it is possible to grab a section of muscle tissue, pull it away from the body and manipulate it in such a way that it "snaps back" on top of the layer of fat.

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Stay fit...

Stay focused...

And inspire others to do the same.

Truth be told, it's a mixture of both reality and illusion.

While there is a good deal of hard work and obvious physical development, there is also a plethora of smoke and mirrors... That's right, you heard me correctly. If there is any magical secret or hope for the underdeveloped, it's about mastering the art of illusion. As I stated above, it had a lot to do with the authors and artists, who inspired me as a child.

Let's be completely honest. There is no way to "change" the genetic makeup of our anatomy (at least not yet). I didn't turn my skinny shoulders and wide hips into narrow hips and wide shoulders. My bone structure is exactly the same from the teenage picture. On closer examination, anyone can see how small my wrists are. And the hips are as wide as ever... So, the answer to my persona dilemma became a balance of perception and actual transformation.

First, I needed to be realistic and fully accept my genetic limitations. Only then could I concentrate on finding solutions. It is very important to mention that posture and presentation are JUST AS IMPORTANT as any actual physical development. Stretching the fascial sheathing, deliberately ignoring specific exercises, and building up the tissue that spreads the scapula are only a few "tricks" in altering how ones body appears to others. Now yes, some of this does go against traditional training protocol, but if the average individual really deisres to appear above average, then my job is to reveal every trick in the book.

In the final analysis, we must work with what we have and be happy for what we can get out of it. I realize my physique won't last forever, but that's not the point. I am trying to reach my full genetic potential, and document the process along the way. That way, when I am old and grey, I can look back and say, "yup, I did that.". I am simply an average individual on a life-long quest for above average results. Trust me... If I can do it, then anyone can. 

A fair warning.

This page details my adventures in the world of fitness, and even I admit that it gets rather long-winded and rambling. However, I figured that the information may be useful to some individuals, so take a few nuggets if you find them, and leave the rest for others.

Strapping on the "feedbag of fitness"

In my travels, I have met some of the most incredible and inspirational individuals one could ever hope to encounter. These include men and women, from the young to the elderly. From the insanely bizarre, to the analytical and practical.





"Killing the Caveman" sold out of its first printing (thank you), but while that may sound great, I refused to do a second printing of that rendition. Basically I wrote a training guide and all the information concerning the training is 100% accurate. However, I left the publishing up to my representation, and they slipped in all kkinds of useless and exagerated "side stories, insights and experiences", which they thought added "color"... In 2015 I will re-release the the book (pictured right), the way it should have been released.