DESCRIPTION: Male, Ethnic, 45-50 years old. VERY ODD-LOOKING, with long neck, big cheeks and a gold front tooth. Attitude is pleasant, yet very mellow. X-tra small body with a red-white&blue jumpsuit. Bare feet.

BIO: Former wrestler who can only find work in a travelling circus, doing stunts that no one else will do (such as being shot out of a cannon without a net, etc.).

"The brief description I used as a guideline to create the characters features and personality." 

The Great

Odd looking?...... Yes!
Adorable?........... Absolutely!

Sculpted using the two-stage process


As an added bonus, I went back into the head of Mabooch and installed a link between the jaw and upper lip. Now, when the mouth lever is activated, the upper lip will also move, which produces a more realistic effect when speaking... Very cool.

MABOOCH on "Arabs Got Talent".

Owned by Basel Al-Dosery
In Al-Zahraa, Kuwait


Stickout tongue

Upper lip smile

Side to side
Self-centering eyes


Side to side
Self centering eyes

All animations engaged.