Early morning in the saddle to get through the desert... Vegas baby!

The view from our room
(outside temps around 104)

Best way to cool down in Vegas.

Gotta break out the kid in all of us once in a while.

I'm a cheap date... It takes only a 3.00 win to get me in the spirit!

The Peanut tries her luck on the "big spin"

Leaving Vegas EARLY morning to beat the heat of "Death Valley"

Sun begins to rise on "the Fajitah"

Death Valley, here we go!

115 feels like a blast furnace when on two-wheels!

It's not that bad, once you get used to it (said no one, ever)

Encountered hail at the entrance of Yosemite, but it's all part of the adventure.

It's almost a tradition to stay in a room where John Wayne slept.

Made it through Death Valley and arrive at "Lone Pine"

Puttin' mah boot down in town.

Hot, sweaty and tired, but still smiling from ear to ear.

No picture captures the experience (you'll have to go yourself), so I close out this ride with the following snap and thankful to have such a wonderful sister and brother-in-law to share so many amazing memories.

The roads leading up into the mountains are breathtaking!

Miles of smiles await, so it's time to get back on the bike.

Every stretch of road holds new experiences.

We arrive at the cabin and settle in.

I find time to wet the whistle at the oldest saloon on the west coast (how cool is that?)

Me with my sister in the middle of paradise.

Pictures simply do not do this place justice.

Me and the Peanut riding through paradise!

Suffice to say... Save the knee-draggin fer the adrenilin junkies... I'm all about laid back cruisin.


Robert & Robyn

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