ORIGINAL CHARACTER CONCEPT (submitted by client).

"I want a happy, carefree, lovin life 95 year old man.
Because he is off his meds his mind wanders. No two sentences relate. His hearing is selective, but he is a hottie and he is now afraid of women after burying 2 wives. His son runs a major corporation,but he is still an idiot".



NOTE: Ken Groves has purchased "LIMITED LICENSING RIGHTS", granting him permission to make (one) duplicate of "Howard". Doing this not only demonstrates the respect he possesses for fellow artists, but also reflects the overall character of Mr. Groves.

From Cabo San Lucas to Alaska, and all points in between, the multi-talented Ken Groves knows how to make em' laugh.... And it just doesn't get any more adorable than "Howard". Ken submitted a simple description, that brought to life one of the most lovable old codgers I've ever had the pleasure of creating. This BIGHEAD has a moving mouth, side to side/self centering eyes, blinkers, upper lip sneer, raising eyebrows, a toupee that raises and lowers.

This BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture also possesses a set of false teeth that can be inserted or removed at any time.