(and all points in-between)

Another adventure begins!
No tent camping this time (dangit!)

Riding through desert, temps climb to 114

Higher in elevation and weather improves for some
smooth cruisin'.

It's becoming a tradition to stay in the same rooms where John Wayne slept.

Back on the road. As elevation increases, temperatures drop.

Outside of "Donner" there are some VERY old cememtaries that feel thick with ghost stories.

Actual posting on a community board. I guess we're off the map a little

Raising a glass as we arrive at top of destination in the Sierras.

The spirit of the Burrito, guarding the bike in the woods.

Our cabin in the woods. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Joining up with sister and her husband Chris again, for some adventures.

Chris and I tempt fate with 15 miles of "Dead Mans Curves".

Catching up with family, over questionable beverages.

Out riding in the mountains. One can almost reach out and touch them.

Peanut n' me at the top of the world.

Chris always finds time for a little fun.

Sometimes, I just want to find a way to bottle these places up and take em' back home.

Chris and Melinda floating effortlessly on the "Fajita".

2nd half of trip spent in Lake Tahoe.

"The Peanut" and "Sting" getting some quality time in.

Always time for clowing around... That's just who we are.

Enjoying some more scenery on our way home.

It can get incredibly cold and amazingly hot on two-wheels, but it's worth every memory.

Suffice to say... Save the knee-draggin fer the adrenilin junkies... I'm all about laid back cruisin.


Robert & Robyn

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