Adapted from screenplay of the same name (see TV/FILM SCREENPLAY page).

Completed at 32,955 words

Six adventurous children, known as the 'Chaos Kids', are on a mission to rescue a little brother, who vanished into a mysterious hole...

Tunneling deep into the earth, they soon become lost within a maze of bizarre, subterranean worlds. Their mission turns into a wild roller-coaster ride of adventure, which is impossible to navigate, without enlisting the help of some of the most whimsical characters imaginable.

Working together, the kids must somehow manage to find the little brother, stop an evil sorcerer from breaking through to the surface, and navigate their way back home... And all of this must be accomplished before anyone knew they were gone.

Grover's Field harkens back to classic childhood adventures, which demonstrates how friendships form in unlikely places, and that nothing should be judged too quickly.

Grover's Field is a journey through the fantastic worlds that exist beneath your feet, and inside your heart.