Client quote:
"It's green, it's cute, and he's in my house..... Draggy is amazing... GREAT!!! Far better than I ever hoped for, or could have imagined!. He looks adorable and the mechanics are pure genius!!!.... incredible!!"!

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This baby dragon was created using the two-stage process, then meticulously painted with a golden shimmer to his green skin. The unique control setup is FULLY ENCLOSED WITHIN THE HEAD! With no headstick, the neck and head are free to rtoate, extend and perform movements that are not possible with conventional configurations. All animations are controlled by the fingertips, via slider controls and levers. Many thanks ot Serge for presenting me with this challenge and giving me the opportunity to create such a special sculpture.

This adorable baby dragon was commissioned by the phenomenal talent from the Netherlands, Serge Van Eck.

Draggy" is created, sitting in a gold and turquoise eggshell. This cute lil critter was breaking hearts even before he was fully hatched.