Client quote:
 "Cletus arrived... I am extremely pleased with this little work of art. His cartoonish quality combined with his harsh features is exactly what I was hoping for. I was excited about using my other figures, but now it seems I enjoy using Cletus so much, that I want all of my characters to be BIGHEADS. I hope that you never stop creating BIGHEADS as you are an extremely talented artist. I believe that you are the best figure maker in the business. Thank you very much.... I Love it!.... Bravo!


NOTE: Marc Rubben has purchased "LIMITED LICENSING RIGHTS", granting permission to make (one) duplicate of "Cletus" for perfomance purposes (not for sale). Doing this not only demonstrates the respect he possesses for fellow artists, but also reflects the overall character of Mr. Rubben.


A while ago, NASH and CROC were purchased by the phenomenal ventriloquist, Marc Rubben. With a fresh, updated look, NASH is now joining the multi-talented Marc onstage.

In the purchase, he also obtained an unfinished BIGHEAD head. Being a gifted artist in his own right, he (along with his beautiful wife Connie) applied their time and effort to finish the BIGHEAD sculpture known as the "Rastamon" and bring it to life in such a creative fashion. It brings a smile to my face, as they captured a character that is indeed a compliment to the BIGHEAD community. 

(A joint-venture", although most of the credit goes to the Rubbens).