Borrowing inspiration from such icons as Steve Tyler, Mic Jaggar, Iggy Pop, Gene Simmons, Bob Dylan and many others, the overall character of Chord centers around three specific characteristics, facial features, hand positions and overall body posture. He is a "freestyle" sculpture.

Talk about fun... The opportunity to create a character that is iconic in rock and roll, was irresistable.

Original character concept submission:
" Although written over 40 years ago, his songs are legendary... He has played sold-out auditoriums and washed down a truckload of pills with free flowing whiskey, straight from the bottle. He's trashed a thousand hotel rooms and lost count of how many women he has slept with after each show. . He's on the road 45 weeks out of the year and sleeps through the remaining seven. He's been doing this for over 50 years and it has come to the point where he can barely remember his own name.... You can read the route of the tour by the lines in his face, and his emaciated frame is the result of a lifetime spent on a diet of alcohol and pills."

Animations include:

          Eyes left                       Eyes right              Mouth and upper lip         Stickout tongue               Eyes closed               Raising eyebrows

Wherever they go, living rock icons are asked to "play a little guitar", so I decided to create one for Chord. It has only one string because a legend "doesn't need any more than that". His hands are sculpted  to depict the last chord he played, before everything solidified from arthritis.

Perched atop a tiny mock amp, the body, arms and legs of Chord are sculpted in a fixed posture that enhances his "rock God" status. With skin-tight pants made from purple velvet and a black trenchcoat, he is a fasion statement without compare. 


Commissioned and owned by private collector.


Some legends never die... They just solidify.    - Chord-

Client quote:
"I am a little speechless right now,  I can for sure see all of the influences in him, from Mick to Keith to Bob and so on... WOW"