Ever hang ten?
Have a caricature of you sitting on your shelf or desk.

Weekend warrior?
Capture yourself enjoying your favorite sport or pastime.

A great way to share your sense of humor with the rest of the world.

Do you (or someone you know) have a hobby, a passion or an obsession? Now you can even go a step further and immortalize yourself doing it by having a "caricature scene" play out for all the world to see.

The dancers above were such a hit, that I took on the challenge of making another group of seniors as "senior superheros". As before, I took each individual personality and incorporated it into their specific caricature.

Former President Ronald Reagan immortalized, "back in the saddle.

When the opportunity to create a group of seniors as "male exotic dancers" presented itself, I just couldn't resist. My goal was to catch the fun-loving vibrance of their age and incorporated their distinct personalities into each one.

I enjoyed the concept of senior dancers and superheros so much that it became the basis of the screenplay "Old Spice"
(registered WGAw and copyright).

Sculptures are usually 12-14" in height, but larger sizes can be created (even life-size) if desired.

Ready to be caricaturized?

Email me pictures of the person you desire to immortalize as a caricature (front, profile, full body). Try to capture the same expression in each (preferably smiling).

Tell me about them and what you envision the subject to be doing.

Each sculpture begins with a base price of 1200.00 and averages 12"-14" in height. This price may increase depending on complexity of design and overall concept.
For larger sizes, please contact me via email to discuss what size you desire.

Even pets are welcome.


As seen on:
KTLA Morning
Eye On LA
P.M. Magazine
and many more.

P.M. Magazine
called them; 
"A wonderfuly radical and completely unique gift for the person who has everything."

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a superhero?... How about a sculptured caricature of you, living out your wildest fantasy, doing your favorite pastime or depicting your profession?... Now you can immortalize yourself doing anything you desire!

Some of the sculptures depicted on this page have been inserted into digital backgrounds to emphasize the caricature. Each creation can be purchased as a "stand-alone" or enclosed in a Plexiglass box for added protection.

Check out my BIGHEAD pages to see ways you can have a "mechanical sculpture of you, or someone you know, with movements all controlled by hand.

I've been creating personalized caricature sculptures since the early 1980s, and my clients include celebrities from television and film, politicians, lawyers, dentists, police officers and people just like you. Awarded as "sculptor to the Stars by the Southern California Motion Picture Council. 

The Obama sculpture (pictured left) is actually one of my mechanical caricatures, which are also another option. More information and link below.

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