Commissioned by Jimmy Vee

"Joe Cappuccino   Gender: Male.   Age: Late Twenties to Mid Thirty's
Descriptions: This guy is caffeinated. He is so jack up on caffeine that he's borderline crazy. Maybe he even wears a strait jacket. Stressed, nervous, jittery. This guy has a sort of turrets syndrome where he blurts out the names of coffee products. He is always looking for his next cup. Mad hair-doo.
Additions: Closing eye lids… in case he can finally get a little shuteye! "

"Cappucino Joe" is one of only a few sculptures I ever carved from wood, and the first actual sculpture I called a "BIGHEAD" (previous creations were actually referred to as "spoonheads).

This piece reamains a wonderful example of how a five sentence description from the client, can result in such a memorable character.

Animations include: Moving mouth, side to side/self centering eyes, blinkers.


ORIGINAL CHARACTER CONCEPT (submitted by client).