Original client concept submission:

Human - Male - 17-25 years old - Freestyle design which incorporates some anime.
Character is trustworthy, sincere, strong and courageous, yet also overwhelmed and very worried because he cannot seem to get his point across. Basically he has been to the future (maybe 10 minutes, 10 days or even 10 years) and he has come back to warn everyone about what he saw.

I love a good challenge, so when one of the top professional entertainers alive today submitted the opportunity to blend Anime with BIGHEADS, I was immediately inspired. What began as a unique concept, soon turned into an incredible artistic adventure

 Despite its simplicity, anime is very tricky. Smooth and perfect features can easily result in a generic, doll-like appearence. However, once the unique imperfections of the character emerged, a more realistic, vulnerable persona was created. His extra large eyes and worried expression really conveys the urgent message of his character, without uttering a word. A wonderful example of a freestyle BIGHEAD.

Commissioned and owned by Taylor Mason.

Part Anime - Part human - All BIGHEAD

For the costume, I centered on his special ability to see the future. I really tried to make a slick and polished superhero outfit, but the character went in a home-grown direction, by using elements that he would have found in his own closet, which possesses a more honest look and feel. The symbol on his right glove and chest mean "future". The symbol on his left glove is known only to me. 

Animations include:

     Jaw & upper lip                    Eyes right                        Closing eyes                         Eyes left                          Upper lip


Client quote:
"HE IS AMAZING, ROBERT!!!... You are a true artist.
Way to go. He's awesome"

Taylor Mason is one of the most talented entertainers you will ever witness. I strongly urge anyone in need of laughter to go see him perfom live with "Blue" & "Paco" (Click center picture above for link)