The reason for the picture is simple... According to Universal law #25167-b: If an individual has an opportunity to experience barrel-rolls in a vintage MIG-Fighter jet, then he/she is obligated to share... That said, let's get to the meat and potatoes of my life.

Born in Wausau Wisconsin, I am one of four siblings. The family moved to the Pacific Northwest, where everything disassembled itself. My younger sister and I experienced life on the hippie communes and Indian reservations, where life became both a dream and a nightmare... Out of necssecity, I became a performing ventriloquist, where I would volunteer performances for children's hospitals and elderly care centers (basically, a band-aid to a festering situation).

Moving on...  I eventually enlisted in the military on a parental waiver and became a Navy Honorman. Returning to the Northwest, I saw an advertisement for the famous Chip-n-Dale dancers, and wondered what it would be like, so I became a headliner for two successful dance groups... When the bottom fell out (figuratively, not literally), I moved to Hollywood in an effort to find work, but wound up living on the streets instead... Those wondering how far an individual can fall, beware... The answer is further than anyone could imagine.
Life possesses small miracles and an angel turned mine around (literally, not figuratively) around 89'... During the 90's and 2000's I married to a beautiful woman and experienced life in the entertainment industry as a producer, a casting director for the Showtime network, a produced writer for both TV and Film, a public speaker, a leading actor in feature films (cheesy fluff, but it counts), and in various television shows including being a series regular, as the fierce, but loyal sidekick Zzeben, on the action/adventure show "Conan, the Adventurer" (cheesy fluff again, buuuut what a great experience).

However, unpredictable tragedies in life turned things upside-down and in 2003, I simply walked away from it all, and sought sanctuary in the rugged mountains of Northern Idaho, where I worked on the ambition of creating the limited edition mechanical sculptures known as BIGHEADS. I also stretched my artistic muscles and created some oversized sculptures (some that overlooked buildings), which became landmarks... Only recently have I poked my head back into society, and proudly state that "I am still here".

Basically, that's the "Readers Digest" version (it would be difficult, if not impossible, to cram the entire roller-coaster ride in this already meandering bio)... For those desiring the unflinching story, I would suggest reading the book, but caution that it is not pretty... Honesty has its own sense of beauty, just as every rose has its thorns.

I'm the kind of human who not only observes the fringe endeavors in society... I have an overwhelming obsession to experience them first-hand.