It has been almost 20 years since the low budget (and quite cheesy) television series "Conan, the Adventurer" aired. What amazes (and humbles) me, is the amount of people who still ask me the same question; "What method did I use to achieve the physique seen on the show?"

I was extremely fortunate in that the name "Conan" afforded me access to the celebrated legends in the muscle industry, and the very latest in scientific research. Being a student of the muscle-game since childhood, I took full advantage of the rare opportunity, and soaked in every kernel of wisdom, eventually gathering everything together to see what would work best for me. Borrowing a little something from the most productive methods, I added a few techniques of my own,to construct a complete routine, used to build the physique seen on the show (also depicted on the books cover).

There are no promises or guarantees here, as I openly state that this book offers nothing more than the EXACT 20 week program I followed (including the recipes for the food program I used).

What separates this book from most, is that it is NOT intended as an instruction manual, nor does it claim this method will work for anyone else. "Building the Barbarian" is only intended to be a detailed insight into what worked for me... Nothing less, nothing more.

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I tried to relate some of the various principles I incorporated in the routine, why they work, and some of their shortcomings. I then give insights on my unique technique, which involves a "pulsing" action. Before beginning this ordeal, I detrained for a few weeks in order to fully receive the benefits from what was to come. Each phase is listed in detail, starting with the first few weeks, which basically took place at home. Once prepared, I moved to the phase, which increased the intensity, and gradually built the base for what I referred to as my "full genetic potential" routine (the reference began as a joke in the gym, but stuck once results became noticeable). Moving on to the FGP routine, I incorporated precise movements, which required specific machines, freeweights and accessories like straps and belts.

Inside, everything is laid out, using diagrams and a plethora of photographs
(taken a few years after the show, so I was intentionally a little smaller in size)

My physique for the show is the result of the routines in this book, and I returned to a more "tolorable" weight after the series ended. Every now and then I put myself through the entire workout program to see what effect it has on my body as I get older. Pictured left is the last time I went through the program, at the age of 53.