Basically, I am a very simple individual... I don't measure wealth by material possessions, I prefer t-shirts and jeans over designer fashions, and for transportation, I drive a small, older Volkswagon.

Any exotic vehicles I have owned, were purchased as "lost causes", in dire need of repair or restoration. I love the process of creating something nice and original, from almost nothing. Once completed, I enjoy the vehicle for a while, but soon sell them and move on to the next project.

Without a doubt, the BD-200 Prototype remains one of the most unique vehicles I have ever experienced.


The donor bike used for this project was a Suzuki 1100 GSL. More than enough power to enhance the "rockets" appearence. It's an air cooled monster, which is why I fabricated the turbo fans pictured above.
Modifying the motorcycle to fit the unique shape of the vehicle was a real brain twister. Relocating the gas tank and rebracing the frame were only part of the task. When the front mounting plate was welded on, it was time to marry the two vehicles.
The huge bike was a chore to install, but when all was said and done, it fit like a glove. After connecting all the wires and cables, everything, was given an overall QC and it started up on the first turn of the key.

Dissaembling the motorcycle got quite complicated at times. Thats either the instrument cluster on my rear shoulder, or someone was using me as a coffee cup holder from being in the same position for so long.