In 2017, the BIGHEAD mechanical sculpture ambition will come to a close. My method when pursuing new ambitions is to keep only a few mementos of the past, so that I may completely focus on the task at hand. With that in mind, I will be placing some BIGHEAD items, and even a few sculptures from my personal collection up for sale. There are no prices yet, but the following are a few examples of what will be on the block.
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THE HEAD OF TEX (head only)

Once thought to be lost or destroyed, the 'head of Tex' was discovered in a box that was in storage... This is the 'very first' attempt at carving, which led to the ambition of BIGHEAD mechanical sculptures.
This whole BIGHEAD adventure began when I distanced myself from the entertainment industry, in search of new ambitions... I passed a trash bin that had a 14" square block of wood, that someone had discarded... Something clicked and I took it home and began carving it, using only a hammer and an old chisel (which got me in a lot of trouble with the wife, from the mess I made)... It is crude and basic, but it spawned the community of 50 BIGHEADS.
Unrestored, original condition, original paint.

DAWDERHEAD (Head only... seen here in the box, where it was discovered with the head of 'Tex').

The 2nd attempt at carving, and the very first 'spoon-head' (which would eventually become known as BIGHEADS). This head was the one placed on Ebay to see what the reaction would be like... The auction resulted in two similar carvings, and provided the motivation needed to pursue the BIGHEAD ambition... Very rough and rudementary, but cool in history.
Unrestored, orginal condition, original paint.

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THE SEE-THRU MAN (gallery display)

Placing a value on a concept and sculpture like this was very difficult because there simply isn't anything else like it. The "See Thru Man" was originally created for a museum interactive piece. Now back home, everything has been gone through by me and it all works as it should. However, it should be noted that the control levers are pretty close together (created for a smaller hand). Impossible to duplicate.

SYDNEY (research prototype)

This prototype was created for the sole purpose of experimenting with a mechanical configuration that would allow all six legs to rise and sit. While the facial animations are fully operation, it must be noted that the knee and ankle mechanisms are very delicate, as they were created for experimental purposes. I will consider selling this particular prototype only to a collector. Very unique member of the BIGHEAD community.

This sculpture was originally created for my personal collection (with the intention of returning to performing). Due to the end of the BIGHEAD ambition, I have considered letting this one go to a good home. Paint is pritine, as is the attire (including politically incorrect, hand-painted stickers on helmet). All mechanics are smooth and operational. He is heavier than most, as that is my personal preference. An incredible character that almost graced the world stage with me.