Admittedly, I possess a child-like curiosity about the world around me. My ambitions are to experience new adventures and discover what I am capable of (or find out what my limitations are). Sometimes I stumble badly, and sometimes I succeed beyond every expectation. Whatever the case, life is a learning experience, where the rewards are rarely found in the destination, but in the journey (and all of the colorful personalities I meet along the way).

That said, here are a few other odds-and-ends that I have experienced or find interesting.

Call them what you will... Past careers, time-wasters, hobbies, idle-fascinations, etc.

They make me happy.




Motorcycling fun

Physical experimentation

Restoring the BD-200

We all have adventures, and mine are no more special than the person next to me...
Just different.

That said, feel free to poke around... If I can be of service in any way, let me know.
I'm an open book who loves adventure, and to hear the adventures of others.
Life is to be lived, so let's all enjoy the process together.

Here are the two main artistic explorations that I currently enjoy.
(past endeavors can be found further below).


Casting director



NOTE: I am a strong believer in charitable endeavors and proudly continue my personal contributions to those I feel strongly about. I do not push any of these on others, but when individuals ask, I give them the following organization. I have done enough research to offer it as very reputable charity.

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